Thursday, March 12, 2009

final bfa idea

This is not blocking. This is just me getting my idea "onto paper" as it I've been having a better time in 3d than by thumbnailing. Anyways, my brain's failing in thinking of stuff to write and I still have to write up a short character here it is:

Friday, March 06, 2009

"final" but not final Salesman

Final as in this is what's turned in at the due date/time. I still plan on polishing it up more, and still need to finish touching up my cart test. I'm tired.

p.s. omg I just saw the new trailer for the new Star Trek (the same one that's a preview before Watchmen) and it's soooooooo awesome!!!

Wormy man!

Early-Middlish cleanup, focusing on cleaning up the spine/head, and felt like posting cuz it looks funny without the arms and the couple teleporting vacuums. I made some minor smoothing out tweaks in the 81ish frame area since uploading this video (focusing on smoothing out the jittery head movement in his transition to moving to the foreground). The "final" (as far as is concerned for class in....5.5 hours) will be up once I finish that in a bit, and maybe I'll get some sleep! woohoo!

plus this is the only way we get to see his full facial expressions during the big part when he's got the vacuum in front of him......oh boy!