Monday, May 12, 2008

this semester's Animations

Since all I've been posting are crappy drawings/paintings, I figured I'd post the work I actually intend on focusing on: animation. Ok well technically, none of these were originally done this semester (except the montage pieces) but all this work is revised/cleaned up animation (and in the case of the BTR scene, quite revised and fairly improved). Top one is my "final" BTR Grav room scene, I have final in quotes because I may still revise it based on pro advice, but I have some plans this summer to lead me in the right direction and possibly help make the revision easier to execute. In case you're wondering, the plan is to go back to basics and use a very simple rig of just a ball with legs and a hide-able tail to try to get some good simple character actions (walks, runs, jumps, whatever), and more importantly, work out a process for animating in Maya. The second video is my montage pieces for the film, and the bottom is my Flash cleaned up section of my sack pantomime from 114. I'm still considering spending a portion of the summer to devote to cleaning the rest of the film so I can have a fully cleaned and colored pantomime.

if you feel like comparing to old versions, my original BTR scene is here:
and my full original sack pantomime is here:

ok, back to work.