Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet the Animator

It's stupid, but here it is...

Also, since I don't think I ever posted's my e-card from 118 Flash last semester...

and finally, since I'm on an's a work in progress for advanced maya...a 3d sack pantomime...starting to get back into practice (I never shoulda fallen out) with maya animating..

I still need to add a little to the end and of course polish it all up...I'm trying to push my animation and try a more exaggerated style than I usually do...I could probably push it even more though.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coming soon......maybe

well if you don't know, we have a 90 second film to do introducing ourselves as one of the first BFA assignments. It's a cool and fun little idea (I was always anticipating making one for KAFI as well, but they got rid of that). So, being a big fan of Valve's Team Fortress 2 character videos "Meet the..." series (which, if you haven't seen, are some very good and entertaining character animation shorts and I highly recommend you check them out) started out that I'd almost directly parody one or two of them and just twist it to suit my needs, but now the only real thing I'm borrowing from that series is the titlescreen, the very basic concept of the films, and the song. So, as it's due on Friday, depending how it comes out once I shoot and edit it, I may post it up here in the very near future...otherwise, all you have to go on is this sweet little title card made by Jon Mendez.