Saturday, July 01, 2006

first stuff of the summer

well...technically not, but these two watercolors are the first things that I'm posting from my summer sketching. One's from Santana Row and the other's from Cupertino Village. Still learning watercolor, and even got a new watercolor set since creating these (which were done with watercolor pencils).


well, here's my first art post. It contains some of my choice pieces up until the end of this past semester, but not all of those pieces. Some (mostly major projects) can be found at my myspace here. Anyways, included are pages from my sketch folio which was part of my portfolio for the review to get into the program, as well as my single favorite figure drawing which was done just before the review. My profile pic is a shadow-shape self portrait on toned paper which I did for the sketch folio during the short period that I had a mohawk.