Saturday, May 26, 2007


I just realized last night my page was having a hell of a time loading because of those damned animated gif's I have posted of my maya work, so I removed those. sorry about the lag created by those!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally, something to be proud of...

First off, it's about time I updated. Second, it's about time I have something I'm happy with that I've made.
It's my sack pantomime from 114. For the most part, it's a roughed out first pass...the only thing that had a second or third pass was the run cycle. Everything was done straight ahead even though I keyed out almost the entire film (keying helped figure out poses when I went to animate, but I wound up either changing the action slightly or adjusting the pose in the process of animating.) So I know there's issues like the sack sliding down the screen when he's sitting, or the kite inching towards the sack after it falls to the ground the second time...and volumes of course. I may get around to fixing it up, and maybe doing some cleanup so I have a more presentable animation (like for my reel), but maybe not til a bit later in the summer. I didn't choose the song until I had finished animating the sack and was in the process of finishing up the string and kite, and imagine my surprise when I put the music to it and found the lyrics and emotion of it link up with the action almost perfectly. It went over quite well at our finals "festival" where we viewed all the animation classes' finals...much better than I expected. Anyway, enough babbling. Enjoy, and I plan to have more stuff to post from this point on (at least until the semester starts again...haha)