Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poem drawing

Dumb little drawing for a vizdev poem design assignment based on a Shel Silverstein poem. Working on landscape painting for class. That is all.

Monday, April 21, 2008


So it's my own fault for putting off visdev for a week while Ruben was out cause his wife had the baby and worked on other stuff instead...and now am rushing at the last minute to get it all together...whatever...sure I'm having some fun doing this assignment and (I think...haha) I'm learning a lot. But anyways, here's what I just finished so far...I still have to redo 3 comps and then I'm done (no problem! .......hahahaha...hahaha....haha...ha... *cough*) ...I didn't make character sheets yet, but they're no different than the mini versions in the prop sheet or in the previous post. More to come once I get those comps done...if I like them when they come out..

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"never-to-be-finished Candy" painting and other stuff

So the first night in the LA trip (if you don't know, a group of SJSU students went to LA for a studio tour), we all met up at the hotel....most of us just hung out and worked or crashed. I plopped down on the chair next to the bed, pulled out my DS, and proceeded to try my hand at painting again. Candace was taking a nap on the bed in front of me, so why not paint her? I got a layin quickly and started from the legs and worked my way up....but when I reached the hand and head she woke up and went back to work........and so, because the moment has passed, this painting will never be finished. I like replaying the painting so I can see it all come together stroke by stroke. I dunno if it's any good, but it's more practice and I like qualities of it better than the porch painting.

And since returning from LA, I've been cranking away at vizdev homework...don't have much to say about it...I've never really painted in Photoshop before, and my comps are super simple...I've gone back and am redesigning the props and redid the scientist to try to push proportions and interest, etc...I'll have a painted version of the prop by next week (cause everything's due by then), but anyways, here they are just for the hell of it: one comp before redesign, and the slight redesign of the scientist and the machine.